How to make money on Merch by Amazon?

So, how to make money on merch by Amazon has been on your mind. Merch by Amazon is an amazing way to start earning some cash online. That is why I am going to show you all the possible ways to make money from it.

What is Merch by Amazon, and how does it work?

Merch by Amazon is an Amazon print-on-demand service allowing individuals to create and sell custom-designed merchandise through their platform. Here’s how it works:

Create a Design:

Merch by Amazon users create original designs for products such as T-shirts, hoodies, and other apparel items. These designs are often visually appealing and cater to specific target audiences.

Product Selection:

Each seller chooses the type of merchandise they want to feature their designs on. Merch by Amazon has a wide range of apparel and other merchandise. Sellers need to select the items that align with their designs and target market.

Upload Design to Merch by Amazon:

Sellers upload their unique or not-so-unique designs to the Merch by Amazon platform. Amazon handles the printing, production, and shipping processes. Meaning sellers don’t have to worry about inventory or order fulfillment.

Setting Prices and Royalties:

Each seller has to set the prices for their products based on each product’s cost of production. Amazon will deduct these fees, and the remaining amount is the seller’s royalty. It’s crucial to find a balance between competitive pricing and maximizing earnings.

Product Listing:

After each design is uploaded and products are set up, they become available for purchase on Amazon. Customers browsing through can buy this merchandise directly from the product listings.

Marketing and Promotion:

Although Amazon promotes these products, sellers still have to promote their products to increase visibility and sales. This could be through social media, paid ads, creating a brand presence, and employing other marketing strategies to drive traffic to their product listings.

Order Fulfillment:

Amazon takes care of the printing, packaging, and shipping processes when someone purchases their products. Sellers don’t handle inventory or shipping logistics.

Earnings and Payments:

Sellers earn royalties from each sale made by Amazon using their design. Amazon pays the earnings to sellers regularly. Profit earned depends on factors such as product pricing, production costs, and Amazon’s fees.

Merch by Amazon is an accessible platform for creative individuals to turn their designs into tangible products without the hassle of managing inventory and fulfillment. It’s a popular choice for those looking to monetize their artistic skills and reach a wide audience through the Amazon marketplace.

How do you create and design impactful merchandise for the platform?

I have just should you how to make money on Merch by Amazon so now, let me show you how to create your design.  Creating impactful merchandise involves utilizing a handful of tools. Some are free while others are paid tools like Podly, MerchInformer, and MerchDominator. Each of these tools offers a separate unique features:


Podly is a premium design tool with a user-friendly interface and a lot of robust features. It provides a wide range of design elements, templates, and customization options. This makes it easy for users to create visually appealing merchandise. Podly let’s you can seamlessly integrate graphics and text, ensuring your designs stand out. Podly


MerchInformer just like podly is a comprehensive platform that aids in niche research and design creation. It provides valuable insights on trending niches, allowing creators the chance to tailor their merchandise for current market demands. Additionally, MerchInformer also offers design tools and templates to streamline the creative process, Use coupon code GREG. MerchInformer


MerchDominator is a powerful tool used for optimizing and automating your Merch by Amazon business. It offers advanced features including bulk upload, pricing optimization, and competition analysis. With MerchDominator, you can efficiently manage and scale your designs, saving you time and maximizing your potential earnings. Use coupon code 50OFF. MerchDominator

These tools can significantly enhance your design capabilities on the Merch by Amazon platform, providing the tools and insights needed to create merchandise that resonates with your target audience.


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